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Idaho Wheat

Idaho ranks 5th nationally in production of all wheat. Idaho farmers produce high quality consistent wheat. Many wheat varieties grown on Idaho farms in potato / alfalfa / barley / sugarbeet rotations yield in excess of 100 bushels per acre. One big reason for the yield advantage is timed irrigation delivered to meet the crop's specific requirements.

Idaho farmers typically plant about 1.2 million acres of wheat each year. The largest production areas are in the eastern part of the state and the north central Palouse region. By variety, Brundage, a soft white winter wheat was the most popular variety at 9.6 percent in 2011. Westbred 936, a hard red spring variety, was second most popluar at 8.9 percent.

By class Idaho produces a significant amount of soft white wheat grown for export and used primarily in Asian countries for pastry and noodle making. Soft white winter varieties accounted for nearly 42.2 percent of Idaho's total planted wheat area.

In 2011 (the most recent year in which statistics are available) Idaho farmers planted 640,000 acres to spring wheat varieties and 820,000 acres in winter wheat varieties. Spring wheat production totaled 52 million bushels while winter wheat production totaled 63.1 million bushels. The total value of combined production was $786 million.