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Idaho Farm Bureau Beliefs and Philosophy

America's unparalleled progress is based on freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral and religious concepts. Freedom to the individual versus concentration of power which would destroy freedom is the central issue in all societies.

We believe that since the beginning of time, man's ability to provide food for himself and his dependents has determined his independence and freedom.

Economic progress, cultural advancement, ethical and religious principles flourish best where men are free, responsible individuals. The exercise of free will, rather than force, is consistent with the maintenance of liberty. Individual freedom and opportunity must not be sacrificed in a quest for guaranteed "security."

We believe that America's system of private ownership of property and the means of production has been and is one of the major foundation stones of our republic. This element of our economic system and the personal rights attendant to private property including grazing and water rights must be maintained and protected.

We will take every opportunity to publicize and defend our position and we will stand firm on basic constitutional rights. We believe in government by law, impartially administered without special privilege.

We believe in the representative form of government; a republic as provided in our Constitution; in limitations upon government power; in maintenance of equal opportunity; in the right of each individual to worship as he chooses; in separation of church and state; and in freedom of speech, press, and peaceful assembly.

For more information on the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation's basic principles, refer to the IFBF Policy section of this website.